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Canada Loves Him.

South America Loves Him.

New Zealand, Australia and Europe

                             All Love Carson.

And now, the USA is about to inhale ... Carson Arthur.

                          The "Green Fe-Nom" of  

With international coverage, Carson has become a voice of environmentally friendly landscape design on a global scale.
His current assignment: HGTV's CRITICAL LISTING which ~ in it's first debut week [March 2014] ~ was the #1 show on HGTV!
By addressing outdoor challenges with a keen sense of style and a passion for eco-consciousness, Carson continues to reinvent the definition of landscaping. With his first series on HGTV, "Room To Grow," Carson created inspirational outdoor spaces for homeowners and taught a generation of viewers how to increase their own living spaces by expanding outside. Following on the heels of his first success, his second show on HGTV "Green Force" provided Carson with the opportunity to take on some of the largest challenges associated with urban living. Carson and his team travel throughout a large urban center and tackle some of the most depressing, under-utilized, and forgotten spaces around us turning them into parks and beautiful art installations while using environmentally friendly techniques and products.
Carson takes pride in where he lives and what he does. As the spokesperson for both the Canadian Diabetes Association, the Canadian Immunization Program, and currently Black and Decker Canada, Carson has made the most of his television career to date by being active in helping to develop a better understanding of green living within a social context. When not in the dirt; Carson stays busy building, planting, writing or designing as the principle designer for Carson Arthur Designs.

~Carson Arthur~

THE Green landscape Designer that will Blow Your Mind!